"Here's What Other People Are Saying About Choose To Believe..."

"Practical Advice On How To Perform Miracles In Your Own Life..."

"I havenít come across a gem like this for a long time. I would like to avoid using phrases like 'pure gold' or 'a treasure trove of information,' but I canít because the book is exactly this.

If you really care to change your life for the better, this book is for you.

Within its pages, you will find answers to not only questions we all have about our world, but also solutions to many problems and practical advice on how to perform miracles in your own life, including setting your financial thermostat. Get your copy soon.

ó Irena Whitfield

"Delves Deeply Into All The Aspects Of Our Belief Systems..."

"Alanís inspiring book is a 'mind-opener' as he delves deeply into ALL the aspects of our belief systems ó which vary widely among individuals, cultures and backgrounds.

He touches on the depth and breadth of our innate ideals and the functions of our beliefs, as well as offering proof to back up what he presents to you.

This is not a casual read, so plan to spend some time, and expect to be challenged, inspired, empowered and educated by this book.

Alan also bravely shared his painful past so that the reader could truly grasp the massive power of belief and experience the immense power of our thoughts much more vividly.

Itís not JUST a book of facts and information like so many we read these days, because Alan also shows you HOW to put everything to work in your own life, and that is priceless.

I highly recommend this book for those seeking real guidance for life changes and improvements.

ó Donna Maher, RN

"This Is The Book That Hit Home With Me And Inspired Me To Turn My Life Around..."

"Your books and MP3ís were outstanding and very helpful. The 'Choose To Believe' book I have read 3 times; the whole 220+ pages of it.

This is the book that hit home with me and inspired me to turn my life around. Alan, I donít know how to say thank you enough for your help and wisdom that came through your books.

It has changed my thinking around in all aspects of life, love, trust, and especially BELIEF, which I had so many problems with.

You see, I had a very challenging life from the moment I was born. I was born 3 months earlier than I should have, I experi-enced: abandonment; rejection; sexual, verbal, emotional and mental abuses since I was a tiny little girl; I witnessed slaughter of people in front of me during the war in my country, including the horror of a babyís head being blown out with a machine gun, splattering its brain all over its mother and me.

My family and I escaped death with the count-down to 4 ó by assassination for attempting to escape the country, but were stopped.

Two days after that, my family and I did manage to escape from our war-torn country, in the middle of winter I might add, risking the possibility of freezing to death.

We walked for 2 nights and 3 days getting lost, realizing that we walked around a huge mountain three times, however, we finally found our way to a neighboring country safely and without any major problems; I was only 9 years old at the time.

Some time later, I married a Greek man whose mother, friends and the neighborhood Greek community did not approve nor accept me as I wasnít a Greek myself, and after 3 beautiful children, I felt I had enough of their prejudices, I applied for a divorce.

I won't go on anymore as my story would take several chapters to tell, and 100ís of pages to read, however, the above experiences are just a short synopsis of my story.

The fears, insecurities, self-doubts, distrust, anger, inability to believe and formulate meaningful relationships with some people was a burden that I carried with me all my life.

Your book, 'Choose To Believe,' forced me to question and analyze my thinking, values, attitudes and my inner core beliefs.

It revealed to me how my interpretations of things were very self-defeating; I came to realize that it was I who attracted all those pains upon myself through my thinking and believing. How wrong was I?

I now accept and believe that I am a spiritual being; a daughter of God, connected to the Universe and to all things of life with a more definite purpose in life for me.

The affirmations helped me greatly. I turned everything around and began to formulate new beliefs; new ideas and slowly letting go of old conditioned beliefs.

I trained myself to rely on my instincts and prayers, and I seek for inner guidance to bring out the truth and reality about the issues before me, before I place any value and acceptance of it as the truth or belief.

The outcome of all this exercise is that now I am more at peace within myself; every day I tell my self that 'My self-worth does not depend on otherís acceptance or approval of me; I have to approve of me.'

Therefore, I now see things in a different perspective, I have a new level of thinking, my relationships with challenging people have wonderfully changed, I turned to God, and currently Iím reading the Bible (New Testament).

I can now see that everything is 'mind over matter' as to how one perceives the world, things, especially oneself; as James Alan said: ďAs A Man Thinketh, So Is HeĒ (I think thatís in the Bible as well).

Alan, I have put all your theories and education into practice and tested them out ó with the help of all the affirmations throughout your book.

So far, all is working for me as I wished, prayed and hoped for, for so long. I just needed some guidance and new perspective to put me on the right track.

Every now and then, I slip back one step, but I also take 2 or 3 in replace of that one step. I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL.

ó Sincerely,
Agnes from Australia

"Explains The Times When I Got Less Than Expected Results..."

"This unique book is unlike any other I’ve ever read before! I found myself learning a lot and gaining inspiration from it!

Now I realize that even though the intention-manifestation process works, one needs to BELIEVE in it to successfully use it.

This principle explains the times when I got less than expected results because I was slightly doubting the intention-manifestation process.

All spiritual powers operate by FAITH. This book has given me greater insight about reality creation and taken my understanding of consciousness to the next level!

— Enoch Tan, Enoch Mind Reality

"Provides Undeniable Proof And Case Studies To Confirm The Reality Of Its Power..."

"Of the hundreds of books I’ve read, this has got to be in the Top 3!

I’ve read about miracles before, but never have I found any material that clearly explains how they happened.

“Choose to Believe” not only reveals the deepest secrets of how beliefs can produce miracles in real life, but also provides undeniable proof and case studies to confirm the reality of its power.

Anyone who reads this book will experience a miraculous transformation!

— Michael Lee, Persuasion Expert

"For The Best And Highest Good Of All..."

"Alan, with your book, 'Choose to Believe,' you have provided an enormous amount of information.

To the point that I found my Self taking notes so that I may appropriately use them for myself and also in guiding others.

From your own personal experiences, you are bringing forth and expressing what you kNow to BE true, which comes from the inner Wisdom that we all have, and in doing so this will have a positive and magnificent ripple effect that will BE for the benefit of many.

I congratulate you for all of the above and in what I 'believe' is a great book that you have written, and especially with the processes you presented to enhance the lives of others.

'Choose to Believe' is for the best and highest good of all. It is time and well deserved.

Ilumine 2 Ao,

— Al Diaz


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