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Although the "Choose to Believe" system is comprehensive in itself, the Elite Edition takes that power to the highest level by showing you how to use the unlimited quantum power within you!

The 6 additional modules inside the Elite Edition include:

Module #1


Keys To Power Complete Step-By-Step System

This is a complete self-development course that starts off training your mind and spirit to handle vast amounts of Universal Power, so you can perform various miracles in your life.

This workable, proven system will teach you how to gain access to Power directly (and safely)... and use it anywhere, any time, and for any purpose.

Inside "Keys To Power," you will learn how to...

  • Develop every aspect of your mental abilities - Perceptiveness, Creativity, Memory and Intelligence.
  • Harness the powers of the universe to perform miracles at your command.
  • Develop reliable psychic abilities. Know that every step you take is the right one.
  • Unleash your creativity and become a creative genius! (World famous if you so choose.)
  • Increase your perceptive abilities to the point where nothing escapes your attention.
  • Develop a rock solid memory which holds everything you place within it! Never forget anything.
  • Reach deep meditative states where nothing can distract you.
  • Alter your viewpoint of the world and make it serve your purposes.
  • Increase your intelligence and the speed of your thought process.
  • Use hypnosis to change behavior within yourself and others.
  • Become a living lie-detector! Never let anyone fool you with lies and deceit.
  • Project your mental self in what is known as an "Out of Body Experience (OBE)."
  • Do EFFECTIVE scientific prayer! Ensure that everything you do is successful.
  • Gain insight by knowing what people are doing when you're not around.
  • Develop your ability to heal yourself and others. Never be sick again and increase your longevity.
  • Dominate those around you! Get everything you want from anyone you choose.

Module #2


The Power Of Intention

You don't have to wait until you're fully trained to use Universal Power before improving your life. With this audio program, you can start producing miracles in your life immediately!

In this 33-minute recording, you will learn...

  • The best way to think about Power in order to get results.
  • How the Power of Intention compares to the Power of Belief.
  • The key factors that make the Power of Intention work.
  • How you can improve your ability to tap into the Power of Miracles.
  • The exact process that directs Power to manifest your desires.

This module also guides you through a couple of exercises that train your mind and your spirit to tap into Power... and to direct that Power towards what you want to happen in your life.

Just by listening to this recording, you will find yourself automatically tapping into Universal Power and directing it towards manifesting a desired new reality.

Module #3

Sharpen Your Focus

Sharpening your focus is crucial to succeed in the modern times. Why? Because you'll be able to:

  • Be on top of things around you. Always know what's happening.
  • Quickly size up opportunities and instantly know the details that are important.
  • Accomplish more in less time. Get a 7 or 8 hour task done in 5 hours or less! (imagine the extra time you could do for your leisure activities.)
  • Prevent others from taking advantage of you by being able to catch them in their lies.
  • Discover hidden relationships and patterns amidst the many details.
  • Develop greatly increased self-confidence, leading to enhanced persuasiveness and social acceptance.

But do you also know that by developing your ability to focus, you can also:

  • Activate dormant areas of your mind.
  • Increase your IQ, intelligence, and memory.
  • Experience greater peace of mind as the noise in your head diminishes.
  • Think quicker - actually speed up your thinking process.
  • Open up new levels of perception (ESP).
  • Tap into the Power of the Universe at a very deep and powerful level.
  • Direct Spiritual Power to attract and manifest desired experiences.

Within this 21 minute audio recording, you will be led to relax and release your everyday connection to the world around you.

This sets up a "training ground" where you will develop your new skills. From here, you will be guided through a very intense focus exercise that is guaranteed to stretch your mental capacity, while maintaining your sense of calm assurance.

This combination of relaxed body and active mind has been reported to be what top sports athletes and business people refer to as "The Zone" where peak performance is possible.

But there's more to this recording than just a set of instructions to follow. The wording of those instructions include subliminal suggestions that will program your inner mind to maintain a high degree of focus throughout your day.

Not only does this recording guide you through a very powerful exercise to strengthen your ability to focus, but the suggestions contained within the instructions will help you take that new degree of focus into your daily life and put it to practical use.

And to take it even further, the background music has been custom written to enhance your experience and intensify your focus even more.

Those who have worked with this exercise as part of the "Keys To Power" Course (Module 1) have found that they develop new levels of perceptiveness that many call ESP. They're able to see things at a distance, know what others are doing behind their back, and follow their intuition to fabulous rewards.

Because the exercise includes a section on visualization, many have found that they are able to use "The Law of Attraction" with greater success.

Module #4

Awaken Your Power

This recording uses several components to literally shift you into a state where attracting the things you want in life becomes easy!

First, this unique meditation session guides you to relax and open yourself up to the Power of the Universe. This happens when you feel the emotion of LOVE, and "Awaken Your Power" is designed to elicit this emotion naturally and automatically.

Second, the words in this recording use the science of conversational hypnosis to naturally implant the required suggestions into your inner mind... so the connection with Spirit is accepted, welcomed and embraced.

Furthermore, the suggestions embedded within the recording will allow you to feel completely comfortable with the idea of taking 'ownership' of this Power and using it to get the things you want in life. Without this feeling of 'ownership', many people subconsciously sabatoge their efforts to attract the things they want.

It also includes a Brain Wave Entrainment component, using special frequencies designed to resonate with Universal Love.

And lastly, the words and suggestions are powerfully supported with specially composed music which is regarded as some of the most emotionally evocative music ever produced.

As you develop your emotional openness to the Universe and the Power of Miracles, you’ll notice several things happen in your life. Things like:

  • You’re more at peace with yourself and the world around you.
  • Things don’t bug you as much as they used to.
  • It’s easier to be happy and joyful.
  • People respond to you with greater respect and consideration.
  • Your relationships seem to smooth themselves out.
  • It’s almost like you have an “intuitive” sense that guides you to do the right thing at the right time.
  • Little “synchronicities” happen over and over again, as if Lady Luck is always smiling on you.

Module #5

28 Days To Effortless Success

Around 10 minutes a day for the next 28 days is all it takes for you to achieve effortless success.

At that point, you'll be able to spend your time doing what you want to do, without feeling any sense of obligation or responsibility to "work." And yet, you'll find all the things you want to have in your life coming to you as easily as rain falls to the Earth.

Here's what you will learn for the next 28 days...

Part 1: The Starting Point Of All Success

Day 1: Identifying Obstacles
Day 2: The REAL Reason Behind All Others
Day 3: The Practical Side of Beliefs
Day 4: Miraculous Beliefs
Day 5: Science to the rescue
Day 6: Why Isn’t It Obvious?
Day 7: Consider this …

Part 2: Making Positive Changes Quickly

Day 8: Where Beliefs Come From
Day 9: A Technique We Used In School
Day 10: Accelerating Affirmations
Day 11: A New View On Beliefs
Day 12: A More Refined Approach
Day 13: Getting Past The Gatekeeper
Day 14: Putting It On Autopilot

Part 3: Eliminating Resistance

Day 15: Finding Hidden Obstacles
Day 16: Using Your Belief Scale
Day 17: Self-Image Beliefs Revealed
Day 18: Digging Deeper
Day 19: The Most Powerful Beliefs You Have
Day 20: Pinpointing SPECIFIC Beliefs Behind SPECIFIC Issues
Day 21: Putting It All Together

Part 4: Success to the Nth Degree

Day 22: Beliefs Shared By Successful People
Day 23: Variety For Greater “Endurance"
Day 24: Don’t Make A “Subliminal” Recording
Day 25: Ramping Up The Power
Day 26: Locking Your Mind Into The Perfect State
Day 27: Removing All Work From The Process
Day 28: Graduation Day

Module #6

Keys To Power Prosperity

This ebook will show you how to create a cash-generating machine in as little as a single day - that will pay you a solid income for the rest of your life!

Keys To Power Prosperity is for you if you want a never-ending flow of money into your life and enjoy unlimited abundance without a lot of hard (or boring) work.

Can you imagine how fun and exciting it would be to have multiple streams of prosperity flowing effortlessly into your life, day after day after day?

With the information you'll learn here, you'll be able to accelerate your personal prosperity along any path you choose, and become as rich as you desire!

Here's some of what you'll discover inside this ebook:

  • The 164 beliefs that automatically attract prosperity to you.
  • Why you're worth as much as you care to claim.
  • How to build unshakable self-confidence.
  • The mechanics of faith, and how to use it to get anything you want!
  • 5 amazingly simple ways to trick your mind into attracting wealth.
  • How to create your own subliminal recordings to program your new prosperity beliefs into your inner mind.
  • How to use creative daydreaming for prosperous results.
  • The Keys To Power Persuasion, and how to get anyone to do whatever you want!
  • How to discover your personal pathway to prosperity. (There are a million ways to make a million dollars. What's your way?)
  • How to get rich in a business you know nothing about. (This is a HUGE secret that rich people almost never share.)

These 6 modules have a total value of $142.95, but you get them all for only $142.95 $20 (in addition to the price of "Choose To Believe") if you invest in the Elite Edition today, . That's an additional 86% Discount!

When you choose the Elite Edition, you get immediate access to everything listed below for a very low, one-time price of only $47!

Choose To Believe eBook

2 Sets Of Choose To Believe Audio Workshop Recordings

6 Elite Edition Modules (including Keys To Power Complete Step-By-Step System, The Power Of Intention, Sharpen Your Focus, Awaken Your Power, 28 Days To Effortless Success, and Keys To Power Prosperity)

Plus, you get the same 100% no-questions asked, money-back guarantee. You win either way, but only if you act now by choosing the Elite Edition below:

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